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Solutions for purpose driven organisations & projects




The current times of profound change will reshape society and its organisations as we know them.   I support you in that transition with an understanding of the challenges ahead and a mind-set that embraces consciousness and purpose based co-creation.

I love to work on unusual projects that challenge paradigms and create true innovation for a greater good.

Consulting & Support

  •  Advice for retreat centers, community and co-living projects, resorts & hotels:               concept creation, feasibility, pre-opening, improving efficiency, operations,            positioning, quality, customer experience, organisation and governance design.

  • Creating spaces and ecosystems that support transformation.

Project & Concept work 

  • Openings: Hotels, restaurants and similar projects

  • Health: Holistic wellbeing, Spa’s, alternative healing

  • Events: General event management and concepts

  • F&B: Sustainable & creative health-food concepts

Holistic management

  • Organisations need new structures, governance and management tools. I bring Teal   inspired and responsive approaches to your company.

  • People need balance and purpose in life. I support mindful and holistic lifestyle changes     in your organisation that nourish body, mind and soul.

Additional services

  • Service & Experience design, Quality Management, Troubleshooting, Recruitment




"Humans can only thrive if their consciousness is aligned with their life purpose. For this to happen, we need to create new societal and organizational structures that foster wholeness".

                                       Martin Hohn

I used to have a successful career in international luxury hospitality management, which brought me to work in 6 countries on 3 continents and travel to many more.

But after 15 years I realized that I would not find my life purpose in what I did.

So I went on to broadened my horizon with courses and trainings in a wide range of topics.

This lead to the insight that in the future I want to work differently, using new approaches and tools to realize my holistic visions and life purpose. 

Since then I have worked with several start-up companies, in a variety of different projects and did a number of pro bono assignments for non-profit organizations.

This has lead to the realisation that I want to pursue my professional life as an independent social entrepreneur and hence founded in 2016.

Atma is a sanskrit term, that can be translated with soul or inner self, basically referring to the essence of an individual and the realisation of one's true self. Something we should all strive for.



I collaborate with inspiring people on visionary projects, in order to create win-win solutions and have a holistic impact on society.

I work internationally and am based in Zurich, Switzerland.


A project to build a social innovation village with a holistic learning campus in the surroundings of Zurich, that will serve as a model for a different society. A multi-purpose hybrid concept that 

prototypes new approaches to working, learning and co-living.

Concept creation, community building, feasibility, partnerships, funding.

Supporting the relaunch of the property; positioning, concept, operations, strategy.  (completed) 

General post-opening support in operations, strategy and positioning.   (completed) 

I supported this retreat centre in their re-positioning and re-organisation, as well as planning

their expansion project ´Ompio Campus´.  (completed) 


From Switzerland’s first two-day event on the topics of Reinventing organisations, to a concept space during WEF in Davos and conferences in Zurich  (completed) 


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