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Holistic Visions supports innovation and purposeful change in organizations. 

We provide sustainable solutions for service driven businesses - especially in the hospitality sector.




The current times of profound change will reshape society and its organizations with their disruptive power. We support you in that transition with an understanding of the challenges ahead and a mind-set that embraces consciousness and purpose based approaches.

Retreat consulting

  • Expert advice for retreats, seminar hotels and community projects.                       Planning, restructuring, re-positioning to become an efficient and profitable operation.


Holistic management

  • Organizations need new structures and management tools. We bring Teal inspired, responsive and holacratic management approaches to your company.

  • People need balance and purpose in life. We support mindful and holistic lifestyle changes in your organization that nourish body, mind and soul.

Project work

  • F&B: Sustainable & creative health-food concepts

  • Health: Holistic wellbeing, Spa’s, alternative healing

  • Events: General event management

  • Openings: In the hotel and restaurant sector

Support services

  • Quality management, mystery shopping, troubleshooting, recruitment




"Humans can only thrive if their consciousness allows them to align with their life purpose. For this to happen, we need to create a compassionate, value and trust based society".

                                       Martin Hohn

I used to have a successful career in international luxury hospitality management, which brought me to work in 6 countries on 3 continents and travel to many more.

But after 15 years I realized that I would not find my life purpose in what I did.

So I went on to broadened my horizon with courses and trainings in a wide range of topics. This lead to the insight that in the future I want to work differently, using new approaches and tools to realize my holistic visions. 

Since then I have worked with several start-up companies, in a variety of different projects and did a number of pro bono jobs for non-profit associations. This has lead to the realization that I want to dedicate myself to be a Social entrepreneur and hence founded




How can we help

We collaborate with inspiring people on visionary projects, in order to create win-win solutions and have a holistic impact on society.

We work internationally and are based in Zurich, Switzerland.

One Shift

This is a project to create a prototype for a community based, health and organizational development center that merges holistic health, sustainable living and innovative organization models.

This large project aims to create a complex virtual platform for change related initiatives. We contribute with the development of a concept for a social franchising system in order to expand their Coffee-shop chain.

A pro bono project, where we supported Switzerland’s first two-day event on the topics of Reinventing organisations, Holacracy and Teal.



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